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About You

Increase in Sales Conversion and View Through Rate.

higher sales conversion compared to other advertising media used.
improved view through rate compared to comparable Facebook video campaigns.

Success Story

ABOUT YOU – The online fashion retailer of the OTTO Group offers clients an individual approach and is currently on a massive growth trajectory. ABOUT YOU focuses on a female target group and differentiates itself through new and inspiring forms of fashion and online commerce for the digital generation.


To implement ABOUT YOU’s unique individualized customer approach for advertising. The campaign goal is to increase time spent watching spots and an increase in sales conversion.


The film produced serves as a master template. At well-placed points in the film, the individualized geographical location of the user is inserted into the action. Infinitizer generated spot versions for all the specified locations; consequently, several thousand versions of one and the same spots exist. The many spots were then automated as campaigns on Facebook and uploaded to Instagram and automatically linked to postal codes. The budget is distributed on the basis of user forecasts. The spots are always played when the user fits the profile.

Advertising Materials


Four weeks after the start of the campaign ABOUT YOU expanded the campaign based on regional context to 1000 further locations. Initial analysis attested to the success of the idea: compared to other promotional materials that were used for the same theme, the geo-targeting video campaign recorded unbeatable benefits, including a four times higher sales conversion. The view through rate is up to six times better than other video campaigns that ABOUT YOU has used on Facebook to, for example, advertise their app.


„Our business idea is to put together relevant offers for our customers from the infinite variety of opportunities that exist. This campaign does exactly that. It communicates the message by creating personal relevance through the link with regional context. Thus, the message generates significantly increased attention, despite the many distractions on the social web.“, Tarek Müller, CEO of ABOUT YOU in Hamburg.