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Benchmark, that’s how video advertising works on Facebook!

50% (!)
watch the video 100% through.

Success Story

Wonderlandmovies is the leading provider of video-personalization in Europe. Through its pioneering work, Wonderlandmovies has contributed to the establishment of video personalization as a relevant aspect of the marketing mix.


The digital campaign on Facebook should generate a very high level of recognition for Wonderlandmovies among the international creative industries in the shortest time possible. The objective is to ensure greater attention through the linking of previously unseen personalization with the precise addressing of target groups by way of Facebook targeting.


Wonderlandmovies has developed an eye-catching spot for self-marketing, which was automatically personalized and published as a micro-targeting campaign on Facebook. To achieve this, Wonderlandmovies used its self-developed video advertising platform Infinitizer.

The trick, which has proved to be a perfect "thumb-stopper", is to show all the employees of the companies selected by the Wonderlandmovies team via micro-targeting, their employers and the location of their workplaces in an elaborately produced 3D animation movie.

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The target-group was over 250 of the leading European and North American creative agencies. The results where sensational: more than 61,000 video views; every second viewer watched the video through to the end; hundreds of likes; new Facebook fans and shares; up to more than 50% earned media; thousands clicks on our website; and as a result of the campaign new project requests from Norway, Turkey, Czech Republic, North America, as well as more to come. What more should we say - it was a remarkable campaign!