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Localized Youtube campaign achieved 25% View Through.

watch the video 100% through.

Success Story

ERGO Group is one of Germany and Europe’s major insurance groups. Worldwide, the Group is represented in over 30 countries. In Germany, ERGO is one of the leading suppliers of insurance across all segments. With its localized YouTube spot, ERGO directs a young target group towards accident insurance and names a nearby agency. Through this automatic matching, the agent is paired with its customer and not the other way round, as is conventional.


To create a way for insurance agencies to advertise by means of a video on YouTube. The requirement of the campaign modulation is to target users at the local level or postal code area, so to target customers more precisely and maximize the effect of the assigned media budget.


Through the use of Infinitizer, individual spot versions are created for all participating ERGO agencies with an address overlay and regionalized geographical location to be played on YouTube.

Advertising Materials


The localized YouTube campaign achieved 25% view through. The result clearly shows that with very little financial outlay, a very high coverage for the local agent can be achieved. This creates very high recognition of the agent (and the ERGO brand) in the catchment area after a short amount of time.



„As a result of the YouTube company videos, the time spent on the agents’ homepages has doubled.“ Markus Amm, Project Manager at ERGO insurance.